DSE Assessment

DSE Assessment

DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Assessments are a legal requirement under the General Application Regulation 2007.  The law states that the employer is required to undertake a DSE Assessment on all computer workstations where an employee will spend longer than 1 hour per day.

The main objective of a DSE Assessment is to ensure that a person’s workstation is set up for them to achieve the best possible posture whilst carrying out necessary tasks, while minimising strain on the body to reduce risks of pain or injury (e.g. repetitive strain) and lessen fatigue.

What to expect during the assessment

During the assessment at each employee’s workstation our assessor will observe the employee in their normal work environment.   Each assessment typically takes 20-30 minutes.  Active participation of employees is required throughout the DSE Assessment survey.

The assessment looks at the workstation, the screen, the chair, the position of the desk in relation to the windows and the lighting in the work area.  Appropriate steps must be taken to control any risks identified to minimise the possible risk of injury to employees.  We discreetly identify if the employee is experiencing any pain or discomfort while using the equipment.  This will assist in meeting your legal requirement to carry out health surveillance on your employees.

Where adjustments to the work station can be made to reduce risks, they are made immediately and these changes recorded. The assessor explains to the employee why those adjustments are required and the personal benefits.  Any further recommendations are noted in the reports.  Each employee receives individual advice and tuition in workstation set up.  Employees are required to sign off on all reports which are also considered as training records.

Donegal Safety Services DSE Assessments are designed to meet the requirements of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007.  Contact us today for more information.