Safety Statement

What is a Safety Statement?

A Safety Statement in simple terms is a Health and Safety Management System that must contain specific procedures and Risk Assessments. It will effectively manage health and safety for you, your employees and anyone else affected by your business operations.

Safety Statements must be a relevant working document which will make a real difference to the management of health and safety in the workplace when implemented.  In order to be legally compliant they must be site specific to your business activities.  There is a specific onus and responsibility on Directors and Senior Managers and this is laid out under Section 80 of the Safety, Health and Welfare Act 2005.

As part of your Safety Statement, it is a requirement that you also have a Risk Assessment, these go hand in hand.  Donegal Safety Services offer both services as part of our Safety Consultancy service.

Safety Statement Benefits

A site specific Safety Statement offers many benefits.

Firstly and most importantly it provides protection of employees health, safety and well being.  As well other personnel affected by the organisations activities.

Secondly it offers additional legal protection for the organisation such as reduced likelihood of criminal/civil prosecution.  This is due to the fact he workplace will be safer when the Safety Statement is active and implemented.

Thirdly it provides economic benefits.  The organisation can save financially such as reduced accidents and subsequent reduction in insurance premiums and compensation costs.

Good Health and Safety management not only protects people from harm but in equal measure contributes to organisational and commercial success.  Smart organisations recognise this and embrace health and safety compliance.

Safety Statements in Ireland

Safety Statements were a legal requirement for all employers since the original Safety, Health and Welfare Act 1989.  Since the Introduction of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 they are regarded as the starting point and absolute requirement for all organisation irrespective of size.

Donegal Safety Services Ltd provide Safety Statement Consultancy for small, medium and large businesses and organisations.  We can assist you with the design and development of this document to suit the needs of your organisation.  Our Safety Statements are bespoke and tailored to what your company does.

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