Safety Representative Course

Safety Representative

Safety Representative Course

It is the employers responsibility to consult with employees in matters relating to Health and Safety.  The most effective method for achieving these legal obligations is to appoint Safety Representatives.  This Safety Representative Course sets out employers and employee’s responsibilities in the process of safety consultation and representation so that accidents and ill-health at work can be prevented.   It also provides general guidance on the roles of Safety Representatives,

The Safety Representative role should not be confused with the role of the Safety Officer.   The Health & Safety Officer is appointed to perform the main health & safety duties in the workplace.  The Safety Representative acts as the liaison between management and employees and may assist the Health & Safety Officer.

The Safety Representatives role includes undertaking of tasks such as workplace inspections, investigations of complaints, accident investigations and consultation on workplace health and safety matters.

Who is this course for

This Safety Representative course is designed for safety representatives from various industries.   Donegal Safety Services can customise this training for your industry, allowing safety representatives to represent employees in those areas best.

This course is for employees who are:

  • Selected by employers to the role of Safety Representative
  • Interested in becoming a Safety Representative

What can you expect to learn on this Safety Representative Course?

Our Safety Rep Training course follows course content recommended by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA).  On completion of the course learners will be able to:

  • List the responsibilities of the employers and employees
  • Better understand their role as a Safety Representative
  • Identify typical workplace hazards and assess associated risks
  • Understand the consultative process within their organisation
  • Investigate accidents and recommend preventative actions

Safety Representative Training Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Law/Legislation
  • Enforcement
    • The HSA’s role
  • Safety Representatives and Safety Committees
    • Rights
    • Representation
    • Protection
  • Hazards
    • control measures
    • risk identification
    • hazard identification
    • risk assessment
    • accident prevention
  • Hazards of the workplace including
    • asthma
    • bullying
    • chemicals
    • electricity
    • ergonomics
    • fire
    • lone working
    • slips, strips and falls
    • stress
    • violence, harassment & aggression
    • work equipment
  • Vulnerable Workers
    • sensitive risk groups
    • vulnerable risk groups
  • Workplaces

Method of Delivery

Training will be facilitated through PowerPoint presentation, discussions and workshops.

Course Duration

The course is delivered over 3 days, approximately 21 hours.  The maximum number of participates per group is 10, this allows adequate time for workshops and group interaction.


Participants will be required to participate in course workshops, complete an assignment and complete a written assessment on the final day.  Full attendance is required for the duration of the course.


Certification is provided by Donegal Safety Services Ltd on successful completion of the course and will be valid for 5 years.

If you would like further information on this course or any of the other courses, we offer please contact us today.