All safety training provided by Donegal Safety Services (DSS) complies with the employer’s statutory obligations under the relevant Health and Safety Legislation. Our courses are delivered by power point presentations with an emphasis on practical aspects where applicable.

Donegal Safety Services (DSS) facilitate training in First Aid, Manual Handling, People Moving & Handling, Fire Safety, PMAV, Evac Chair and Safety Representative courses.  All of these courses can be tailored to suit the requirements of the day to day running of your business. They are designed to take into account the nature, design and layout of your business which will ensure that course participants get the very best out of the training. Our courses can be scheduled at a time that suits you; days, evenings or weekends.

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  • Man performing basic first aid by putting bandage on persons ankle

    Basic First Aid

    This Basic First Aid Course covers a comprehensive range of topics to prepare participants to administer Basic First Aid. Participants will learn a high level of practical skills so that they can deal competently with first aid situations that may arise.

  • Buccal Midazolam Training

    Buccal Midazolam

    This Epilepsy Awareness and Administration of Buccal Midazolam Training is aimed at those working with persons diagnosed with Epilepsy.

  • lady performing cardiac first response chest compression's on a manikin, there is also defibrillator pads attached to chest

    Cardiac First Response (Community)

    This PHECC Cardiac First Response course designed to teach you basic life support skills; Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

  • Driver Safety Training

    Driver Safety Training

    DSS Driver Safety Training includes Basic First Aid, Wheelchair Clamping, Minibus Emergency Evacuation, Manual Handling, Infection Prevention Control, Disability Awareness, Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults and many other Safety Modules.

  • Evac Chair Training

    Evac Chair Training

    Donegal Safety Service’s Evac Chair training course teaches you how to swiftly use an Evac Chair whilst keeping the operator and evacuee as safe as possible. It can be delivered as an add-on Manual Handling or People Handling training, or as a stand-alone session. 

  • Man standing with a clipboard checking fire extinguishers to ensure Fire Safety Awareness

    Fire Safety Awareness

    This essential Fire Safety Awareness training course will prove invaluable in protecting your staff and company. 

  • Fire Warden course image showing three fire extinguishers with a person standing behind each one

    Fire Warden

    This Fire Warden course will focus on the roles and responsibilities of a Fire Warden within the workplace and in the event of a fire or emergency. 

  • First Aid Response

    First Aid Response

    This First Aid Response course is PHECC accredited and ran to HSA guidelines. It is ideal for those who are responsible for first aid within the workplace.

  • Lady demonstrating PHECC First Aid Response to pupils, showing how to put a man into recovery position

    First Aid Response Refresher

    This First Aid Response course is PHECC accredited and is run to these HSA guidelines. Ideal for anyone who holds the position of first aider.

  • IHF Basic Life Support (BLS) Course

    IHF Basic Life Support (BLS)

    This IHF Basic Life Support (BLS) course will provide healthcare workers with the fundamental skills and ability to recognize several life-threatening emergencies in or out of the Hospital or Home-Care environment.

  • IHF Heartsaver CPR AED Course

    IHF Heartsaver CPR AED

    The IHF Heartsaver CPR AED Course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn CPR and how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

  • Doctor washing hands for infection prevention & control

    Infection Prevention & Control

    Infection Prevention & Control is aimed at any person working in the nursing, healthcare, childcare, medical or any profession where infection control and management of it, is required. 

  • Man leaning over box with hand on back displaying back pain from poor manual handling

    Manual Handling

    Manual Handling training is a legal requirement, this course will give delegates the knowledge and skills to perform Manual Handling tasks in their work area in a safe and proper manner.

  • Manual Handling for childcare

    Manual Handling For Child Care

    Health and safety legislation in Ireland requires that all childcare staff engaged in manual handling must be given training in safe manual handling techniques where injury could happen.  This Manual Handling course is specially designed to train childcare staff to carry out manual handling tasks correctly and therefore avoid back injuries.

  • Paediatric First Aid, man performing back slaps on infant dummie

    Paediatric (Infant) First Aid

    Who should do this Paediatric (Infant) First Aid course? Paediatric (Infant) First Aid is a one-day training course especially designed for carers of young children in any environment.  It is…

  • People movement and handling image of man helping an elderly man out of bed into wheel chair

    People Movement and Handling

    This People Movement and Handling course is designed to ensure you gain the knowledge and skills to apply the principles and practices of safe Manual Handling and People Movement and Handling in your workplace.

  • Restrictive Practices

    Restrictive Practices

    Restrictive Practices training is to develop an awareness of what restrictive practices are, why they are used & to identify alternatives.

  • Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults

    Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults

    The Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults training is designed to increase candidate’s knowledge in relation to Elderly Abuse Prevention.

  • Safety Representative Course

    Safety Representative

    The Safety Representative Course will provide those selected and appointed as Safety Rep with the knowledge to carry out their role as Safety Representative.

  • Sports First Aid

    Sports First Aid

    This Sports First Aid Course is ideal for coaches or trainers who need to be able to deal with minor sports injuries.

  • Group of students getting certificates for Student First Aid

    Student First Aid

    Student First Aid is a valuable addition to any student’s skillset.  These invaluable skills will prepare them for situations where they may save the life of a friend or a family member.

  • Wheelchair Clamping & Lifting Equipment

    Wheelchair Clamping & Lifting Equipment (CLE)

    Donegal Safety Services  Wheelchair Clamping & Lifting Equipment (CLE) course provides training on the correct use of Wheelchair Tie Downs and Occupant Restraint Systems (WTORS).  It also covers the use of passenger lifts, in line with PSVAR DDR Regulations.