Restrictive Practices

Restrictive Practices

Restrictive Practices training is to develop an awareness of what restrictive practices are, why they are used & to identify alternatives.

Driver Safety Training

Driver Safety Training

DSS Driver Safety Training includes Basic First Aid, Wheelchair Clamping, Minibus Emergency Evacuation, Manual Handling, Infection Prevention Control, Disability Awareness, Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults and many other Safety Modules.

Wheelchair Clamping & Lifting Equipment

Wheelchair Clamping & Lifting Equipment (CLE)

Donegal Safety Services  Wheelchair Clamping & Lifting Equipment (CLE) course provides training on the correct use of Wheelchair Tie Downs and Occupant Restraint Systems (WTORS).  It also covers the use of passenger lifts, in line with PSVAR DDR Regulations.

Safety Representative Course

Safety Representative

The Safety Representative Course will provide those selected and appointed as Safety Rep with the knowledge to carry out their role as Safety Representative.

Evac Chair Training

Evac Chair Training

Donegal Safety Service’s Evac Chair training course teaches you how to swiftly use an Evac Chair whilst keeping the operator and evacuee as safe as possible. It can be delivered as an add-on Manual Handling or People Handling training, or as a stand-alone session. 

Doctor washing hands for infection prevention & control

Infection Prevention & Control

Infection Prevention & Control is aimed at any person working in the nursing, healthcare, childcare, medical or any profession where infection control and management of it, is required. 

People movement and handling image of man helping an elderly man out of bed into wheel chair

People Movement and Handling

This People Movement and Handling course is designed to ensure you gain the knowledge and skills to apply the principles and practices of safe Manual Handling and People Movement and Handling in your workplace.

Fire Warden course image showing three fire extinguishers with a person standing behind each one

Fire Warden

This Fire Warden course will focus on the roles and responsibilities of a Fire Warden within the workplace and in the event of a fire or emergency.