Doctor washing hands for infection prevention & control

Infection Prevention & Control

Infection Prevention & Control:

The World Health Organisation describes Infection Prevention and Control as a ‘practical, evidence-based approach which prevents patients and health workers from being harmed by avoidable infections’.   Preventing health care-associated infections avoids unnecessary harm or death, and reduces the spread of antimicrobial resistance.  Infection Prevention and Control has never been more important and now pertinent for all industries.

The purpose of this course is to equip you with the knowledge, skills and competence to prevent and control infection within the health services area and any area where there is a risk of infection.  It will give those at risk from infection the essential skills to protect themselves and others in line with national standards.

Who is this Infection Prevention & Control course for?

This course is aimed at any person working in the nursing, healthcare, childcare, medical or any profession where infection control and management of it, is required.  Whilst the main content of the course is general, each course is different in terms of learners, circumstance and requirements.

Infection Prevention & Control course content:

  • Overview of infection control
  • Healthcare Associated Infection (HCAI)
  • Chain of Infection
  • Controlling infection risks
  • Hand Hygiene – practical demonstration & assessment
  • Respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • Waste management and decontamination issues

  Method of Delivery:

  • PowerPoint  presentation, class activities & discussion, videos and practical demonstrations


  • Healthcare setting – approximately 3.5 hours
  • Non-healthcare setting – approximately 2 hours

 Maximum Participants:

  • 12 participants


  • Upon successful completion the participant will receive a Certificate from Donegal Safety Services Ltd
  • Certificate is valid for 2 years


  • Participants will be evaluated on key infection control techniques; competency must be demonstrated in all areas
  • Multiple choice written exam

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